Austin Testimonials

quotel This was our first time as an exhibitor. We had a great turn out. A lot of opportunity to connect with pet owners and educate them. Can’t wait till next year! quoter
North Austin Animal Hospital

quotel Well organized & well informed. Plenty of event staffers on hand to direct participants. quoter
Town Lake Animal Center

quotel We enjoyed our experience at the event. We are a very small shelter (no kill) who survives fully on donations. The people who came to the events like yours are generous & all believe in the same things we do when it comes to animals. We did have an adoption, which is always a good thing. We made a lot of contacts with other exhibitors that hopefully will benefit all of us. quoter
Elgin Humane Society

quotel The Austin Pet Expo was a great opportunity to meet a variety of pet owners. The event and entertainers drew a lot of interest. quoter
Doody Free

quotel We made great contacts, will help us to grow our business. With the right contacts could help us get into stores. So far we got a lot of internet orders after each show. quoter
By Moms 4 Pets, LLC

quotel Being a volunteer rescue organization we were so excited to be invited to the pet expo. Working alongside vendors and other groups was amazing and allowed us to gain some valuable exposure. Thanks quoter
Ay Chihuahua

quotel There are many things we were able to help pet owners with as far as low cost vaccines & testing are concerned. The expo helped us reach out to the community & pet owners that either can’t make vet visits during week days or just can’t afford them. quoter
Pet Vaccination Services

quotel The attendees at the expo are fantastic! Everyone was excited and friendly and loved pets! quoter
Coldrock Studio

quotel Lots of fun. quoter
Austin Animal Center

quotel We thoroughly enjoyed your show! We look forward to participating in future shows. quoter
Animal Dental Clinic

quotel Austin Pet Expo is the one event that I look forward to months in advance. The attendees are enthusiastic and involved, the exhibitors are varied and professional and I always meet a ton of new people. quoter
Coldrock Studios

quotel Great show. Constant flow of buyers. We will be back! quoter
Mystic Sea Natural Pet Care Products

quotel We love being here to educate the public about our products and to see all of the pets at the event! quoter
Paul Mitchell the School Austin

quotel Austin Pet Expo provided us with a great opportunity to get some exposure for the purpose and mission of our non-profit organization, as well as an opportunity to showcase some of our dogs we have available for adoption. The event attracts a diverse crowd of animal lovers and allows us to attract a broader audience. quoter
Friends of Austin Animal Center

quotel Very nice set up. Good location and exposure to gain reach with pet-parents. Clean and nice atmosphere. quoter
Mary Schaut

quotel Good customer service, helpful. quoter
Blue Buffalo Company

quotel Had a great time! quoter
Banfield Pet Hospital

quotel Excellent event—Very successful for us. quoter
Mighty Texas Dog Walk

quotel Thank you so much! This was a good experience. quoter
Bark-n-Purr Pet Center

quotel The Amazing Pet Expos are well-run and exciting events that helps us reach a passionate audience. quoter
Life + Dog

quotel Susie, Chelsea, Jessica, Patti, Tiffany, Ron, Courtney 1 and Courtney 2, and Savannah were phenomenal and helped us all have a wonderful successful day—see ya’ next year! quoter
Reuinion Rescue

quotel This was the first time to be a vendor and it was a great experience. Lots of exposure and contacts. Good show. quoter
The Collie Cottage Pet Resort and Spa

quotel This was the first Pet Expo for Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary and we had a blast! It was great to see all the people that love their animals and visit with all the vendors. We will definitely be back next year! quoter
Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary

quotel All was well, set up was easily done. We had a great time! quoter
Gallery of Pets

quotel Pet Expo gave us a wonderful opportunity to talk with dog owners and lovers who are potential Divine Canines volunteers and donors. quoter
Divine Canines

quotel The Austin Pet Expo is a great way to meet & greet with new and old customers. A dog friendly event in central Austin is a fantastic way to get our company out to the public quoter

quotel Very helpful & friendly staff. Very professional. Great show! quoter
Animal House Pet Service

quotel As always, Austin shines as a pet-friendly city and Amazing Pet Expos shines as a great example of how to produce a top quality event. We love showing at your Pet Expos. quoter
Paws for Water

quotel Awesome show once again. Thank you for allowing us to share this experience in the pet community. We look forward to extending our services quoter
Doggie Snack Bar

quotel Had a very great time at the show. quoter
Don’t Bully Me Rescue

quotel Thank you for the pleasant experience! It was great! quoter
Short Mugs Rescue Squad

quotel The crowd was wonderful. It was a great turnout! quoter
Rez Q Pets

quotel The event had great traffic. quoter

quotel It has been a very fun day. Lots of genuine interest. quoter
Nature’s Logic

quotel The Amazing Pet Expo staff was very help. Sheila was awesome and made everything happen smoothly for me and never made me feel like an inconvenience. quoter
Dalls Pet CPR & First Aid

quotel Excellent venue/parking. quoter
Texas 4-H Dog Project

quotel Amazing Pet Epos is a great way to raise awareness for many causes. We do so much for senior and all age special need dogs! quoter
Bark N Rest

quotel Awesome event for pets and those who love them. quoter
Hearts of Texas Labrador Retriever Club

quotel Connie is a Boss Hoss. She was TCB all day long! quoter
Poop King

quotel Loved the service provided by the Amazing Pet Expos staff. quoter
American Paw

quotel Amazing Pet Expos is amazing! We love to attend and like the demographics/pet community that their shows draw. We’ll be back! quoter

quotel We are so happy sharing our animals at the Austin Pet Expo. We appreciate the opportunity to do our reptile show and educate people about our scaly friends. quoter
Austin Reptile Shows


quotelOverall our experience was very good. We enjoyed the show a lot!quoter
– Powell Insurance Agency – Vince Powell

quotelWe had an awesome time!quoter
– City Limits – Dr. Davis

quotelThe event this year was excellent. Easy instructions and load in/out. We had lots of traffic to our booth. Lots of great variety of shows on the stage.quoter
– Your Helping Paws – Cynthia

quotelWe had a great time, parking was very convenient, the customers were friendly and we saw a lot of great stuff.quoter
Lonestar Filtration – Tony Greenman

quotelLove the show and the people running it. quoter
– Christmas  ‘N’ Cats – Diane Gilbert

quotelThe show had great attendance and the staff was wonderful.”
– Shampoochie – Kate Rodgers

quotelThe great staff makes this show such a huge success for us.quoter
– Central Texas Dachshund Rescue – Rachel Hamilton

quotelThe show was great!.”quoter
– Rez Q Pets – Max McDonald

quotelGreat people to work with! Great experience overall and we met lots of existing clients to reestablish our relationships.quoter
Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center – Renee Harbour

quotelWe had a very great show with lots of visitors.quoter
– Petzila – Sonjay Agorwal

quotelIt was a great experiencequoter
– Camp Bow Wow Austin – Cheryl Anne Holt

quotelWe had a very great time and met a lot of folks.quoter
– Central Texas SPCA – Michael Corley

quotelThe Austin Pet Expo gave the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter great exposure to the citizens of Central Texas. We were able to introduce ourselves to individuals who didn’t know about our shelter. And, we found wonderful forever homes for some of our very special dogs.quoter
– Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter – Misty Valenta

quotelWe had a great show.quoter
– Whiskey Dog – Brett McCollum

quotelThe Austin Pet Expo was a great venue for me to show off my pet portraits on scratchboard. I was able to explain to clients what scratchboard art was and what a wonderful medium it is for the rendering pets. I was also able to make valuable connections with other vendors.quoter
– Scratchboard Art by Natalie Zimmerman

quotelIt was a very fun experience.quoter
Bark ‘n Purr Pet Center – Earlyn Reinhardt

quotelFriendly staff, very clean environment. The separate parking for vendors was also very nice.quoter
Green Dog Chic – Lora Dougherty


“I enjoyed every bit of it. There was too much to pick out just one thing. Can’t wait till next year. This was my first time.”

“It was all great im worn out from walking around with all the bags of goodies!! My dog had a blast to!!”

“We had a GREAT time! I would have to say we enjoyed everything! Getting to meet all kinds of dogs, the informative booths, products, rescue groups, and all the goodies! My granddaughter loved meeting all the dogs, and getting her face painted like a Dalmation. We finally convinced her we needed to wash it off for the day 🙂 We look forward to next year’s event!”

“Had a great time! Our first time attending. …Our dog loved all the free treats and the ice cream. We will be back. Oh can’t forget the sweet pit bull puppies!”

“We stayed 2 hours longer than planned. I think the artists at Keep Bastrop Barking was our favorite.”

“We had a great time! We are happy about the dogs and cats finding thier forever homes from the Mega Adoption area!”

“What an excellent time we had, visiting with other pet owners, the vendors were so helpful in explaining and describing their products and what great work all the rescue groups do – KUDO’s to you. So much to look at and ALL the great treats and freebies we took home, can’t wait for next year!”

“Had a great time. Got a new toy, some healthy treats, supported some awesome nonprofits, met some great pups (and kitties!)… like the Palmer Events Ctr location, too. Glad we got there early! Thanks Austin Pet Expo & sponsors for a great event :)”

“LOVED the agility and the AWESOME vendors .. LOVED chatting with the rescues .. but most of all I LOVED that i could spend the day with my pup ..”

“Thanks Austin Pet Expo for everything!!! Today was great!!!”

“Went, stayed two hours, ran the agility course, we all had great fun.”

“My husband and I brought our three Great Danes. They had so much fun.. It was a great day and place to spend my birthday!!!!”

“Had a great time at the Austin Pet Expo, thanks for doing such an amazing job.”

“We had a great day at the Austin Pet Expo! Can’t wait ’til next year!”

“We had a great time. Such a wonderful event. Can’t wait for next year!”

“Thanks for hosting a GREAT Expo, we really enjoyed it! Desoto enjoyed all the attention and treats! See y’all next year!”

“Tiki and Irie had fun going to the setup day for the Austin Pet Expo!”

“Mia had a blast yesterday sporting around in one of our tu-tu’s at the Texas Sweeties Dog Rescue booth:)”

“We had a great time at the expo!”

“loved everything! vendors,”

“First time there.. Had a blast.. Loved all the Dogs and the People were great.. plan to Go Next Year.”

“Loved it! Was there with Don’t Bully Me Rescue. Saw some old friends and made some new! Thanks for all the great help Austin Pet Expo!”

“We adopted a Shih Tzu from Red River SPCA! He’s doing great in his new home!”

“We loved meeting all the wonderful people who stopped by our booth to meet the reptiles. Thanks, everyone!”

“We loved the whole thing…. …. My fav part is getting to see all the fur babies.”

“It was like a Home and Garden show for animals….. I had a wonderful time loving up on all the sweet animals there….Job well done guys”

“Great time !1 My little doxie baby, Zuri, loved it !!! I held her most of the time, so she wouldn’t be a “snack”, but, she slept all the way home !!”

“Well done! See you next year!”

“We loved meeting so many great people and their furbabies. But I think our favorite thing was seeing all those pretty furbabies wearing TPH originals!!! Thank you, Austin, for a great day!”

“Love the fact people came in dull force to show the love for all animals and mainly dogs. So many different breeds and they got along with each other. This here should that all the so called bad breeds arent as bad as they think. People make or train them to be bad are those we need to punish or hold responsible not the breed. I enjoyed it and cant wait till next yr. ” School of Wags”

“Loved seeing all of the other dogs! Vendors were very friendly and I gathered some great info for the future!”

“The caricature we bought of our two yorkies was awesome. The free treats and swag was great too!”

“Great event, great products&great speakers.”

“Princess had a great time and loves her new outfit from furrever doggies!!”

“My Jacob and I had a great time! Thanks so much to you all!”

“Had a great time!!!”

“I liked Izod from CTDR”

“Dog watching, people watching, all the information we got, the rescue efforts and the easy access.”

“I won one the many gift baskets and of course some neat folks and pets.”

“I loved it all. Thank you. My Bailey and I had a great time.”

“All of it! Well organized event!”

“Loved seeing all the different dogs there.”

“Yes! It was amazing! I loved the variety of vendors.”

“The social interaction my dog got with all the other dogs! She’s a shelter rescue, so it was great to go and allow her to get more practice with dogs of all shapes and sizes besides the ones she lives with!”

“Loved seeing all the animals and animal grandson found a sweetie that he wants to adopt.”

“Well as a vendor it was great to see all the attendees. Loved the animal lovers that come.”

“Like all the free treats and thx to all the vendors….like all to see all kinds of dogs….friendly people…..vendors were all friendly……till next year.”

“Being indoor and not outside in the heat. Loved the elderly dog being pulled in the wagon! Thank you to all that made this event possible.”

“Gots my kiddos kitty her shots, enjoyed the free goodies”

“Loved the costumes I wish we could have stayed for the parade!”

“Frisbee exhibition, petting the dogs…actually loved it all! My little one loved it as well..Can’t wait to go again!”

“We loved the interaction of all the animals, the great vendors and the fact we were able to check our rescue’s DNA!”

“Loved that it was indoors! Loved the free stuff.”

“As a new vendor, I was very impressed with all the cheerful faces. We had a great time and will be bring our Shiloh Shepherds back again next year!”

“Loved the free nail trims”

“The Doggy Cologne was my favorite product that I bought.”

“I loved the whole thing!”

“Loved the show discount of the dna testing. Can’t wait for the results.”

“My favorite part was just how happy my dog was! We took the whole family and there was something for everyone. Looking forward to it again soon!”

“It was a treat to be able to take our pups with us to an indoor event. We had a great time seeing happy, well behaved dogs, cats and reptiles. Thank you so much for welcoming us to your ice cold AIR-CONDITIONED pet friendly expo. It was a great day.”

“My family had a great time. Our little Maltese was happy to be there too. Loved the booths with the treats and clothes. So many friendly people and pets. It was fun walking around looking at all the dogs.”

“The rescue booths were the best!”

“Oh my gosh, we had so much fun! The kissing booth and all the furrbabies were awesome.”

“I loved everything. The guys doing the nail trims were great! My pup and kid both had a blast seeing all the other dogs.”

“Loved the vendors and all the dogs. Saw so many beautiful breeds! My dog is exhausted from all the fun. Thank you.”

“Loved all the vendors.”

“Can’t name one thing I liked best. Very clean, great vendors and friendly people. I came home with so many treats – worth the purchase. Don’t often find such things at the pet store. Really enjoyed seeing the other dogs and my doggy came home exhausted. Look forward to next year.”

“Everything was great. Seeing so many different pets was amazing!”

“Everyone was SO kind!”

“I think my favorite part was when I showed my westie to Preston and they both got so excited.
Thank you Preston for making my Phynley feel so special. I also liked how much love and attention I was giving to the pets and their owners.”

“Everything was great. There was a great variety of everything for everyone. We had so much fun.”

“My fur kids had so much fun they enjoyed the free treats also and the free nail trims.”

“The vet was awesome. Both of our dogs were tuckered out. That’s saying something as our 10 month old chocolate lab is never tired out. Now our 6 year old boxer lab is feeling the fun today.”

“Loved the Central Texas Rat Rescue. The rats were adorable.”

“I liked the free nail trims and high fiving Argen. We will definitely go again next year.”

“Our Camp Bow Wow Booth loved today and can’t wait for more tomorrow. We loved meeting Shorty from Pit Boss.”

“I enjoyed all the dogs that were there.”

“Loved the dog/Frisbee demonstrations.”

“I really enjoyed speaking with all the vendors and learning their expertise.”

“I volunteered at the Central Texas SPCA Booth and met a lot of nice people and saw so many gorgeous dogs. I liked the diversity of vendors and how many there were. It was a very nice venue.”

“I loved all the great vendors. Lots of fun stuff and brought some great treats home to my 2 Corgi’s.”

“The event was so much fun. My dog is EXHAUSTED!”

“LOVED the Disc Dog Demos.”