Denver Testimonials

quotel I love to attend Amazing Pet Expos because they advertise well and there are a lot of people. I always make good contacts and my business has grown because of these events. quoter
-Sammy Doo Pet Diaper Wraps

quotel Great staff.  Great Space. The Pet Expo had a great atmosphere w/ many amazing vendors.  It was a fun community and everyone was very friendly, helpful and personable!  Networking was a wonderful plus! quoter
-Pet Wants Denver

quotel Great crowd and Great overall. quoter
-Paradise 4 Paws

quotel We enjoyed our time at this event. quoter
-Off-Leash K9  Training – Colorado Springs

quotel Precious show. Very good thanks. quoter
-Perfect Pet Products

quotel Staff was great. It was great. Matt & Jen were awesome! quoter
-Izzy’s Senior Dog Rescue

quotel Very good.  Some high points. quoter
-Amber Technology

quotel Great. quoter
-Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group

quotel Overall experience was great. quoter
-Furever Friends Pet Photography

quotel Very good. quoter
-Old Bears Studio

quotel Show staff are FANTASTIC! quoter
-Party Safari

quotel It’s worth the marketing dollars.  It’s a great show for first timers or new business because it allows you to see how people respond to your products quoter
-Roll Dog Survival

quotel Great town, great energy – good sales. quoter
-Shampoochie/Greenstone Soap Co. LLL

quotel Good we live here so it was nice to be in our own city. quoter
-B&B Kustom Kennels

quotel Denver Pet Expo was a friendly environment to do some promotion for Kitangle and maker sales.  It was a comfortable relaxed environment abundant pet lovers! quoter
-Kitangle, LLC

quotel Great show and excellent turn out.  Venue is clean and staff professional! quoter
-Zuke’s LLC

quotel The Pet Expo is great place to get visibility for the rescue and they had an amazing variety of businesses and products. quoter
-High Country Basset Hound Rescue

quotel Really enjoyed it.  Since this was our first one, I really didn’t know what to expect.  We will make sure our booth is a highlight next year. We enjoyed being to interact with pet parents at a quality venue with a well organized event. quoter
-Sweet Pea Pet Spa

quotel Great opportunity for face time w/ clients.  Clean facility, friendly staff. Pet Expo provided a great opportunity for our new business to be face to face w/ pet owners.  They provided a clean space and friendly staff. quoter
-Liberty Animal Hospital

quotel Marketing for this show is awesome. Venue is easy to walk, great layout. We just love working with Amazing Pet Expo! quoter
-Muttley’s Maid INC

quotel Can NOT say enough how the staff, especially Matt, Jen and Kati do above and beyond to take care of of the exhibitors! Easy venue.  Excellent setup and ease of in and out. quoter
-Pets 4 Christ INC

quotel Love the exhibitor packet.  Very helpful. Friendly attendees as always quoter
-Well Animal Institute

quotel We enjoy the staff and guests.  Not sure what attendance was but we thought it turned out great. quoter
-Meowijuana – A Catnip Company

quotel It was a great show quoter
-Spay Today

quotel This is my second year as event captain at this event, and RMESE has participated for several more years.  Each year it keeps getting a little better.. Thanks for this opportunity to get our organization’s name is in front of the public! quoter
-Rocky Mountain Collie & Sheltie Rescue

quotel The day(s) of the show were great, no complaints. quoter
-Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Inc.

quotel Very nice. GREAT STAFF! quoter
-Harmony’s Heart

quotel On site staff great quoter
-Trail Mutt

quotel Overall good experience.  Good choice for vendors expensive and hot great. quoter
-The Pooch Mobile

quotel Great venue, great staff!  Made it very easy to attend and was super helpful from beginning to end. quoter
-Jack and Izzy’s Gourmet Dog Treats

quotel Had a great time quoter
-Paw Pops

quotel Great- all employees were helpful and happy. The Expo is our favorite show to attend out of the year.  It’s always very energetic and productive. quoter
-Go Pawsible

quotel Easy load in/out. This show has gone very well, very friendly animals and animal owners.  There were large sums of interest in our natural healing remedies.  Another plus was easy load in and set up overall a great experience. quoter
-Pure Hemp Botanicals

quotel Liked the two days this year quoter
-Save Me Scout

quotel Nothing but praises for you guys! quoter
-Raw Four Paws

quotel What a great opportunity for pet owners and exhibitors. We’ll certainly be back next year! quoter
-Life is Better Rescue

quotel Excellent attendance! Lots of interest, will be here again next year! quoter
-Holistic Blend

quotel The pet expo provides vendors and visitors alike a great day of fun and educating experience, and as a vendor, an invaluable opportunity to network! quoter
-“P”s of My Heart Pendants

quotel We appreciate the show very much. quoter
-DenKai Animal Sanctuary

quotel The people that attended this event were dog lovers. We did very well this year, not only in sales, but marketing. quoter
-Alley Cats and Junk Yard Dogs

quotel Great event. Just bring lots of volunteers! quoter
-New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue

quotel Good customer service, helpful. quoter
-Blue Buffalo Company

quotel Do this show…it works! quoter
-Fetch! Pet Care

quotel Lots to see, do and experience! quoter
Demi’s Animal Rescue

quotel The Denver Pet Expo has been amazing! U Lucky Dog Daycare was so happy to be a part of this great event! A lot of new clients. Can’t wait for next year! quoter
U Lucky Dog Daycare

quotel Very good, show was nice and clean, we made new customers. quoter
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet

quotel Excellent attendance, great variety of vendors! Loved being here, was great for networking with others & attracting possible new clients. quoter

quotel Was a great show! Would love to do it again! quoter

quotel It was very good. Staff was helpful and knowledgeable. quoter
International Hearing Dog Inc.

quotel We were so busy we never left our booth. Nail trimming was off the charts busy! quoter
Barking Beauties Dog Spa

quotel Great flow of people that were concerned about environmental products. quoter
Swheat Scoop Pet Care Systems

quotel We found new volunteers, adopted out one foster dog, and are hoping to adopt out several others after the show. The networking with other exhibitors was great, and we made valuable contacts. Our booth was busy all day! Professionally run, easy to come in and set up! quoter
Animal Rescue of the Rockies

quotel A great experience, well organized and friendly helpers! Thank you for supporting rescues! quoter
Spay Today Neuter Now

quotel The crowd was unexpectedly large. Guide Dogs was looking to provide educational information to the public and recruit volunteers. We accomplished both goals. quoter
Guide Dogs for the Blind

quotel Very busy, nice to meet new people! quoter
Wells Fargo Bank

quotel A lot of variety, great demos! quoter
Tails of Woe

quotel The staff was friendly and well organized. The event was well advertised. quoter
Pet Scoop

quotel Busy! Put our name out to a new crowd that we don’t always get in our store. quoter
Scales and Tails

quotel Had a really good time! quoter
Aussie Pet Mobile

quotel The Amazing Pet Expo was a great place to meet new customers, there was a great flow of people. I look forward to attending the next show! quoter
Protect A Pet

quotel Everyone on staff was fantastic. Always prompt responses to questions, just super friendly. I am super happy! I had a great experience. Met lots of new potential clients. quoter
A Walk A Day

quotel I enjoyed getting to pet all the dogs and meeting other vendors. We had a great time, the staff at the Pet Expo were always helpful. I will recommend coming next year to my boss and friends. quoter
Cowboy Moving and Storage

quotel Was a great experience, Thanks! quoter

quotel It was great to see the number of people that attended! quoter
Eskie Rescuers United

quotel Jessica was awesome. The place was so clean I would eat off the floor. Amazing staff very cool. The pet expo has been a great opportunity for our art show to educate this market about pit bulls and BSL. It is great to be able to showcase our work and entertain pet lovers with our live paintings. Thank you pet expo, see you next year. quoter
Pitbull Art Show

quotel I think the show was well attended and staffed! quoter
Wyoming Trading Post

quotel Great crowds, we introduced ourselves to many people and met dogs that were adopted from us many years ago. We got face time with lots of people and spread the word about our rescue while promoting spay/neuter. We also got leads on many services offered by other vendors at the expo. quoter
Lifeline Puppy Rescue

quotel Great, as usual! quoter
Benshai Imports, LLC

quotel Pleasantly surprised for the first year showing. Thanks to the great people helping to run the show! quoter
Street Petz

quotel Customer service was excellent, great time, very busy, way more traffic than expected, very nice people!
Walk In Sync

quotel Great opportunity to spread the word about our organization. quoter
2 Million

quotel Large event, fun exhibits, GREAT EVENT! quoter
Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital

quotel Things at your expos seem to be better organized and exciting than other expos. Amazing! quoter
Harrison Forbes

quotel We brought our educational birds of prey and had a blast! So many visitors stopped by and the expo staff was very helpful. The booth space was beautifully done and already set up for us. Load in and out was so easy and stress free. Lots of neat stuff to see! We recommend this expo to everyone! quoter
Nature’s Educators

quotel Everyone is always helpful and friendly, a pleasure to work with. This is such a great opportunity to show off our sport and get folks to know what it is all about. quoter
Rocky Mountain Flyball

quotel Was impressed with the turnout! quoter
Zinn Dog Training K9 Nose Work Center

quotel I found the staff to be very helpful. I appreciated the follow up calls and emails making sure we had all the pre-event information. Everything was well organized. This is a wonderful opportunity for us. Terrific opportunity to inform the public about our organization! quoter
Denkai Animal Sanctuary

quotel Considering all the adoption opportunities, it was wonderful there was no entry fee for attendees. Very happy with the audience and venue! quoter
Pet Pals Vitamins

quotel The Colorado Spring Pet Expo in 2010 was a great experience so I knew I needed to be here. Great networking opportunities with other vendors, for possible partnerships as well as those in a pet related business. I know its a lot of work, but it shows! quoter
Personalized Pet Tales

quotelOutstanding Expo! Love the turnout, it was nice to see the huge crowd of people and 4 legged animals! Thanks for the fun expo! quoter
Dee Dee & Taylor

quotel Foot traffic was more than at other venues, overall very positive show! quoter
Dumb Friends League

quotel Very good, very good crowds, people interested in my business. Awesome! Would recommend it to anyone who wants to get some publicity. Lots of people, lots of dogs, can’t wait until next year! quoter
The Downtown Dog & Cat

quotel I thought the show was phenomenal. Lots of people, dogs didn’t get into squabbles, which for this type of event is great. Can’t wait to come back next year! quoter
Bark Busters

quotel The Denver Pet Expo truly attracts a very targeted and enthusiastic pet-lover crowd. The facility is well-situated for people to get to and parking is easy. Plenty of helpful staff. quoter
Canvas Canines Custom Pet Portraits

quotel Great opportunity to explain our rescue to the public. We are hoping for fosters and adopters to contact us later. quoter
Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue

quotel Very professional, organized, and well-attended. Very impressed with number of attendees, staff very friendly and helpful. quoter
Eat ‘n Style Dog Feeders

quotel The Denver Pet Expo is a very well-designed and well-attended show that clearly attracts the pet-lover market in the Denver Area. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and the location is convenient for the metro and outstanding areas. Very good exposure for building awareness for my target market. quoter
Canvas Canines

quotel Very pleased with the turn out here. Will most likely exhibit next year! quoter
Big Bear Pet Company

quotel The Denver Pet Expo is always an excellent venue with great attendance. There is always a crowd waiting and still people as we close. The attendees are devoted animal lovers and fans. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful. quoter
Nakio’s Underdog Rescue

quotel Much better than expected turn out due to good marketing and excellent profession staff! quoter
Dr. Q

quotel I have had a booth at several of the Amazing Pet Expos and I always have an excellent show. The attendance is great and everything about the expo is wonderful. Thank you! quoter
Holistic Blend

quotel The Amazing Pet Expos staff has been wonderful throughout the whole process from booking booths, to advertising to day-of help. We were very impressed with the turnout at the event as well as the overall appeal of the show. We will definitely be back! quoter
Leashlocket, Ltd.

quotel The Denver Pet Expo has always been a great experience. The crowds are great and the event is very well run. We look forward to next year! quoter
Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group

quotel This was Twinky’s Treats first time exhibiting at this event. We had an amazing time and we’ll definitely come back next year! quoter
Twinky’s Treats

quotel Last year I met a rescue at the expo. We have since partnered at other events and shared a booth this year. Not only does this expo help build my business, it creates partnerships and friendship! quoter
Pawdners Doggie Daycare

quotel The Denver expo was really fun. Found out we have a good fan base there. It’s always exciting to meet fans that interact on the page. I hope I got to speak to each one that came. It gets busy at times. We raised $206 in donations. Which will be used for our newbie senior, Cooper’s dental. The best part is, several people now know there are seniors and special needs that are abandoned and need someone. Thank you for taking the time to come see what we’re all about! quoter
Bark N Rest Retirement Center

quotel Nice to see a few more cat related vendors/rescues this year. Good show! quoter
Happy Cats Haven

quotel This expo is by far my favorite, so many awesome vendors, rescues and fun activities to participate in. I’m definitely coming back next year! quoter
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Rockies Rescue

quotel Pet Expos is a great way to find new volunteers and get homes for so many pups. We’ve always had great luck finding new home. quoter
DMK Rehoming

quotel This was a great experience and it was busy, that’s what made it a great show. Jenn was very helpful at making sure I had everything I needed. quoter
Quality Air, Inc.

quotel Overall a very positive experience! quoter
Western Australian Shepherd Rescue

quotel Our experience is very rich plus it inspired us to be here because we are animal lovers. We are not only here to help people, we help pets too! quoter
Legal Sheild Independent Associate

quotel Very well organized and enough room for vendors. Great space! quoter
Lambert Vet Supply

quotel This is always a great show to attend. quoter
Denkai Animal Sanctuary

quotel Overall the show was good. The flow of people was consistent. The staff was professional & friendly. quoter
Biscuit Bakery

quotel The Denver Pet Expo has a great staff. The vendors are also very nice. I’m still learnings the ropes of being a business and it was an incredibly positive first time experience. Will be back next year. quoter
Cagnetto Canine Couture – Bopi

quotel Great show, lots of good exhibitors and attendees. Great flyball demos. The venue indoors was very nice and had great access to outdoors. Staff circulated often during set up and the show, always asking if they could help in any way. For a newbie, that was very helpful. quoter
Dogtopia of Lafayette – Kelly

quotel Best of the three shows I have attended across the country. quoter
DoTerra – Kris

quotel We had a really great time and had lots of fun. quoter
Fashion Carpet & Tile – Todd

quotel The Denver Pet Expo allowed us to get our business out in front of people and businesses that could utilize our K9 Grass product. quoter
ForeverLawn Western Kansas – Trey

quotel Very good experience for being my second event. I expect to have a large increase in clients. quoter
Golden Whiskers Pet Sitting – Amanda

quotel The event was great, lots of people. quoter
Go Pawsible – William

quotel The first show we attended there were no known senior dog rescues. We were not well known and had very few volunteers. After the show our facebook lit up with supporters and volunteers. The new year we attended, people were actually looking for our booth or had heard of our group. quoter
Izzy’s Place Senior Dog Rescue

quotel It was great. The staff was very helpful and supportive. quoter
JollyAwesomePetTags – Scott

quotel It was fun to have stage time to demonstrate animal communications. quoter
Journey Within – Anita

quotel We were very grateful that small problems that occurred were handled quickly. quoter
L & L Systems – Linda

quotel Had a great time. quoter
Meowijuana LLC – Chris

quotel I have attended many other pet events in the Denver area and Amazing Pet Expo is by far the best promoted with tons of pets and their owners. They are marketing effectively to responsible pet owners. Spend your marketing dollars wisely and attend an Amazing Pet Expo! quoter
Muttley Maid – Leslie

quotel The crowds were excellent. Enjoyed getting to know other vendors and staff. quoter
Noelles Dogs Four Hope – Tina

quotel Our company does a few expos a year. This expo ranks at the top. Staff members and management have been courteous and respectful. No issues with the event and very happy with my experience. quoter
Off Leash K9 Training – Wendy

quotelWe had a great time. Set up in front of the stage was perfect. quoter
Paradise 4 Paws – Ann

quotel We had a great time. It was fun to meet new, friendly people. quoter
Party Safari – Hedy

quotel The expo has been a lot of fun like always and I cant wait til next years. Lots of great vendors, entertainers and rescues here! quoter
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Rockies Rescue – Taylor

quotel Everything was easy and setup well. We did really good numbers here! quoter
State Farm – Jovanni

quotel The variety of exhibitors was outstanding. The staff at the Pet Expo was very inviting and came around to ensure everything was going well. We are looking forward to attending both days next year. quoter
The Travelin’ Rat – Danielle

quotel Amazing Pet Expos is a great show to participate in as a vendor. They are organized, caring and they don’t allow vendors who sell animals or shock collars. Thank you for a great experience. quoter
Training With Grace

quotel We are so well received at this event every year. We love it! quoter
Colorado Voters for Animals

quotel Well organized pet exhibition. I enjoyed it a lot. quoter
Guy and a Leash Dog Training

quotel The Denver Pet Expo has always been a great show to participate in and is run very professionally! The time and cost are well worth it for our business. quoter
Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group

quotel I have worked with several events and by far Amazing Pet Expos was amazing. Staff members respond quickly to emails & questions. I love how the staff members made me a comfortable and a priority. I will come back again! quoter
Journey Within

quotel As an exhibitor, we love attending Amazing Pet Expos! They are always well attended and you can expect to receive top notch customer service from everyone at the Amazing Expos! quoter
Hills Science Diet

quotel The event was awesome! We had 12 adoptions! quoter

quotel We were unusual in that we had livestock and found everyone very welcoming. The exhibitors and visitors were respectful and quiet around the animals. It was very enjoyable to be able to see and experience all of the passionate exhibitors. Everything from products, to animal care and rescue organizations. quoter
Lonesome Dove Rescue

quotel What a fantastic show for vendors as well as guests. quoter
Joyful Bling

quotel Loved it – definitely the place to be. quoter
Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

quotel There was a really good attendance which lets me know that the marketing was good. Everyone I spoke with was very helpful and nice. quoter
Canine Massage Denver

quotel Very good networking for our new social enterprise to support our charity. quoter
-Harley’s Hope Foundation

quotel A wonderful event for people and their pets. quoter
-Pamela Lovato – author Nothing Ventured

quotel We would highly recommend the Expo to all people in the pet field! It’s a very professional event and provided great exposure for our rescue. quoter
-All Aboard Animal Rescue

quotel I enjoy having a booth at the Pet Expo…. The flow of people coming in is organized, so it doesn’t really matter where you have your booth. quoter
-Ju Art Designs

quotel This was my first event, but I had a good time, a lot of exposure and will be here next year. quoter
-Rover Ravidi

quotel This was our first event, and it was well worth it. The staff was extremely friendly and the foot traffic was great. It was great to network with adoption groups to eventually try to work together to find homes for our homeless pets! quoter


“Had so much fun at this – will attend next year!”

“Today was AWESOME!!!! :-D”

“Had a great time today!!”

“It was a blast – had a great time. My dog made a killing on all the treats!”

“My kitty loves her new toys I brought back with me ^.^”

“My girls are pooped and we weren’t there much more than two hours. thanks for the fun, treats, and information!”

“Today was great Shesmine and I really learned a lot and had fun doing it”

“Loved it! My pup is knocked out! Can’t wait for next year”

“Awesome day”

“Lucy Newfoundland and I had a fun time. Lucy really enjoyed all the attention she received and all the belly rubs!”

“We (2 humans, 1 deaf cattle dog) had a great time. Thank you”

“Kaylee & I had a great time! It really helped her with socialization. And, I now know that once she passes her CGC test, the next stop will be agility! Can’t wait to see you back next year!”

“[My favorite part was] that everyone loved my iguana no one was really scared of him love the pit bulls and the big dogs and the vets gave my iguana a good bill of health that was good to know that he doesn’t have to see a vet so it was worth going just to hear that thank you pet expo.”

“Loved that we adopted the newest member of our family from New Hope Cattle dogs. Such a great day!! Thank you for putting on such a great event.”

“My Mojo had the BEST time!”

“[My favorite part was] That every one loved on my Daisy and wasn’t afraid of her just because she was a pit bull. I nearly cried when a sweet little girl huggd her neck and kissed her on the nose. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that. I am sooo glad I went!”

“I loved how friendly and happy everyone was!”

“Liked the varied selection of booths and I came home with about 20 pounds of dog treats.”

“[My favorite part was] Getting to try the agility course with my boy – was thinking about it for him and getting to try it was great!! Next stop agility training! We loved it! Thanks Training With Grace!”

“Chester the wonder pup and I had a great time.”

“My favorite part was Seeing P’s of My Heart there! I love my pendant that she made for me last year! And, also, finding chicken jerky that is made in the USA!!!! It was great!!! When is the next one??????”

“I loved how all the dogs got along, I didn’t see growling or fighting”

“My chih Buster Keaton is tired … exhausted … from showing everyone today that he’s important.”

“Loved it all and so did my husky!”

“Haylee our golden loved the attention from everyone!!!”

“It was fun! Chewey had a blast and is knocked out right now!”

“My dogs were so excited, they wore themselves out.”

“Had a great time, all three dogs (who didn’t come with us this year) LOVED all the goodies we brought home for them. Loved meeting Shorty Rossi, Hercules and his crew.”

“We had a wonderful time and brought home a bunch of goodies.”

“Just got done at the pet expo had a great time thanks.”

“Had an awesome time at the pet expo”

“Thank you for providing another great Pet Expo yesterday – can’t wait to come back again next year!”

“Flash and I enjoyed our selves very much on Saturday. I’m very proud of him as he has never been around so many people, animals and noise all at once, and yet he was a wonderful guy !!”

“We enjoyed seeing so many of our cattle dog fans and friends. What a great day. Thanks everyone for an unforgettable day!”

“Denver Pet Expo – THANK YOU for another fantabbbulous year. I brought a load of bills and placed them in the rescues donation jars, got my dogs lots of “goodies” ate, picked up a lot of informative and educational flyers.”

“Today was amazing! Thank you Denver Pet Expo for putting on such a phenomenal event where Bully Breeds were welcome with open arms! Thank you to all the incredible, wonderful people I met that I can’t even being to remember all their names or organizations! Big thank you to Jesse BullyOne Eastburn for his anti-BSL presentation and for bringing Bosco up on stage which in turn spread the name of my awesome rescue group Life is Better Rescue!”

I loved all the cute bulldogs, Frenchies and Pitties there today! It was great!”

“Went this morning and had a great time! :)”

“Gort my iguana had fun at the pet expo”

“Shout out to Demi Merrit or the representitive from Demi’s animal rescue. Such a big heart, and courage for bringing 3 cats with all those dogs around. People like you give me hope that many cats will have good homes with people who care.”

“Hi! i had a grat time at the pet expo today!”

“Had a great time at the EXPO, will definitely be going next yr!! Thanks for all the wonderful ppl helping animals and doing things to make this world a better place by supporting man and women’s best friend :)”

“My friend adopted a pup from New Hope!”

“I loved the Lure Coursing! My pug tore it up!”

“Love it all!!! Had such a good time. Can’t wait for next year. This was our 3rd year going and it gets better every year.”

“I loved getting to meet Little Darling of Pinups for Pit bulls! I’ve been such a fan of what she does for years now! Thank you for that opportunity!”

“The handicap Chihuahua (moose??) I adored that little baby.”

“Loved the pets for adoption especially Large Dogs Big Paws”

“I loved meeting all the pit bull lovers and also the fact that they were able to attend at all! Thanks for picking a pit friendly venue!”

“I loved all the photo shoots for dogs today.”

“Lots of free samples for dogs and cats. Me and my family and dogs had an awesome time! Thank you science diet and everyone who made this event so great! I’m a CVT College student and got to network with a lot of people I loved it!”

“We loved all the goodies Lexi came home with!”

“My lab loved the lure chasing!!! She will be going again!”

“The free nail terms were great!”

“Having a very tired Jack Russell is great thing. It was a good day”

“My two boys had a good time.”

“I was excited I got to meet Harley!!!”

“I loved meeting Angelyne the Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog!!”

“Great event and exhibitors! Ironically, one of the two cute cockapoo’s we had in tow decided go potty at the Muttley’s Maid table, so a huge thank you and shout out for Muttley’s Maid and their participation as the official clean up crew at the event!!!”

“first time visitors and absolutely loved meeting representatives of National Mill Dog Rescue! Loved meeting Harley and the founder! Her presentation was awesome!”

“National Puppy Mill Rescue. AWESOME people. Harley and Teddy forever! !
Also Meowijuna. My kitties loved “Purple Passion””

“This was our 5th year! We love the shopping! This year it seemed as if there weren’t as many vendors selling things as in the past. I enjoy finding unique things that I can give as Christmas gifts. We didn’t remember paying for parking in the past. Thanks for bringing the expo to Denver!”

“Very well planned event. Pet parents were respectful of their pets. Most pets were calm. Even in the short time of the power surge. The Facebook pictures. Loved the Mega Adoption Area.”

“My Bella loved Harley and she will be singed up for fly ball classes”

“Fly ball competition!!! Brought tears to my eyes!”

“All the vendors were really nice, and rescue organizations had some really nice animals and information.”

“Thank you for hosting this event in Denver. I enjoyed doing a talk on Animal Communication!”

“I loved the Sphinx, I had never met one before, gorgeous creature.

I hope people stopped in at Beagle a Freedom Project and Kindness Ranch, booths. They’re doing important work in the rescue of lab animals and educating the public on how much unnecessary animal testing is still happening.”

“I love all the animal rescue vendors, adoptions, speakers, contests, products for sale and I love everything about the Denver pet Expo.”

“For all those that had a pup that “got a little nervous” at the show,Muttley’s Maid Pet Waste Cleaning Servicewas there to help! We had a great time, great events, great pet parents, Amazing Pet Denver Pet Expo puts on a fabulous show. Can’t wait until next year!”

“The Meowijuana, organic catnip. We gave some to our dog who has high anxiety and it was like we had a completely different dog. Her stress went away and it looked like she was actually having fun instead of being scared and nervous. Pretty cool if I must say so myself”