Great, the staff was fantastic.
– Log6ix

As always, the Expo team runs a smooth event. I always see a few members walking around looking to help. Great client relations.

Great show! Lots of exposure. Seeing so many dogs was a lot of fun! Will definitely sign up for next year.
– Forever Mootsy

I love the staff. Ethan, Jennifer, Karen, and Amy are awesome, and Kati is amazing! Despite being a very dog heavy expo/crowd I am very pleased to be here and plan to continue exhibiting.
– Urban Feline Inc.

Wonderful, clean event. Everyone was so kind and helpful. Easy to find staff when needed. Thank you!
– Gallant Heart Guide Dog Center

Run extremely well.
– Operation Blankets of Love

As our first expo, we would highly recommend vending. The Pet Expo staff are extremely accommodating, the other vendors are so helpful and friendly, and visitors are ready to spend. Weather you are a vendor, or just shopping, it’s a great event overall.
– APDAT Print Co.

We enjoyed our first experience at the Pet Expo. We just broke even on expenses, but we will see how much additional business we do over the following weeks. We made some very good contacts. Overall, very pleased.
– EZTreatz

Surprised by attendance, especially on Sunday! We will be back in Houston next year!
– WBCL Worlds Best Cat Litter

Great show and experience.
– Blue Buffalo Company LTD

Yes we had a great time! Loved the greyhound rescues.
– Kara BN, via Facebook

 Location! Free parking and free entrance as well! Also enjoyed the nose work demo.
– Amber Garza, via Facebook

 The nice lady who gave me training advice!
– Jasmine Carriker, via Facebook

 Loved the talent show, free entry and parking, and the costume contest we won 2nd place!!! Thanks we had a great time!
  Kimberly James-Allison, via Facebook

 Me and Mom had FUN!
– Picasso – The Painted Poodle, via Facebook

 Free entry free parking being able to take me furr baby
– Lea Rivera, via Facebook

 The best part was seeing all of the beautiful dogs! I got to meet Cha Cha, who has her own FB page (ChaCha LaRue and Super Ru) and I even had the opportunity to hold a snake! I can hardly wait until next year’s show!
– Nanci J. Cowart Brioso, via Facebook

 I loved it all. Had a blast… Can’t wait for next year..
– Carrie Laprocina, via Facebook

 We went and loved it! Can’t wait for the next one! Hope to see some more Great Danes!
– Amanda Morse, via Facebook

 We loved it! Puppy interacted with other dogs and got lovin up and down the isles we also loved the free parking and goodies.
– Cristal Ann Valero, via Facebook

 Everything! All the vendors were very nice!
– Paula J. Salinas, via Facebook

 Me and my pup Simba had a great time! We loved the low cost vaccinations as well as just perusing up and down all of the aisles! Getting treats and goodie bags was a wonderfully added bonus.
-Meg Gustafson, via Facebook

 Yes free entrance parking shows and vet.
– Toni Sanchez Graham, via Facebook

 I had a blast and can’t wait until next year.
-Soda Larson, via Facebook

 There were definitely more vendors this year, but it was a long way for us to go. We still had a great time though!
– Heike Ness, via Facebook

 Loved the free parking and entry and all of the vendors that were there. There was quite a commotion in the smaller dog adoption area but luckily my rescue guardian pit bull rescue dogs were wonderful the whole day!
– Kimbree Gillespie, via Facebook

 Our pit bulls behave so AWESOME.. (Brave Bullies Rescue)
– Valerie Fernandez, via Facebook

 Loved how any vendors there were! Lots and lots of stuff to see. A bit far from Katy, but we thought it was worth it.
– Wendy Furrow, via Facebook

 Loved it. South Side Street Dogs is awesome!!!
– Tonya Maddi, via Facebook

 Loved it! Especially the venue and free parking/admission. Hope you have it there again next year!
– Amy Roy Roppolo, via Facebook

 We had a great experience. We appreciate the space allowed to speak with potential clients.
– Eye Care for Animals, Exhibitor

 The Houston pet expo is an excellent chance to connect to animal-minded people close by. Very convenient, pleasant people, very accessible.
– Houston SPCA, Exhibitor

 Great Visibility
– Blue Buffalo, Exhibitor

 Wonderful event. Love working with all of your staff, the girls are amazing! 

Addison Logan

 Very well organized and attended. Very easy to set up, well maintained, well informed – great expo – gave us exposure to larger targeted audience. 

Barrio Dogs of Houston

 Everyone was very helpful! We loved the webinars. 

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

 This was our second year. Very pleased with the event and the exposure for our organization. Liked the other exhibitors too! 

Homeless Pet Placement League

 Traffic was great. A lot of lookers. Booth location was great. Sales went well. Great people. Friendly pets. Many customers complemented on product as they put on Bows on Dogs. 

Lady Bella Boutique

 Clean, well managed. Pet Expo was wonderful exposure to potential clients. Time and money well spent. 

Sunset Blvd Animal Clinic

 Great experience – good booth location. The expo was great, being able to tell thousands of pet owners about your business was wonderful! 

People and Pets Dog Airlines

 Thanks for all your hard work. Tidy clean up if there is a “whizzy.” All in all awaiting our next visit. 

U.S. Military K-9 Fun

 The Amazing Pet Expo has helped us to make good contacts. Thanks. 

Sammy Doo Diaper Wraps

 Fun show—high energy! 

To Market To Market

 We reached a lot of the right people. This was a very worthwhile event for our group. 

Houston Area Ferret Association

 Amazing Pet Expos did such a great job setting up! Thank you so much for all you did for us to have such a successful show. 

Pet Vaccination Services

 The staff is the reason I continue to exhibit. First rate service & support. Nice event, great attendance, overall well done. 

Woodrow Wear

 Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Expo. I was impressed with how well organized the show was and how well it was attended. 

Canidae Natural Pet Foods

 [The Houston Pet Expo] allowed our rescue to get a lot of recognition by potential adopters. 

Houston Boxer Rescue

 We love this event. 

Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue

 The staff is the best to work with very flexible. Big smiles. 

Scoop Le Poop

 This show was very beneficial for us to raise awareness of our cause. 

US Military K-9 Fund, Inc.

 The customers and venue were great. Looking forward to coming again next year! 

Bark Out Loud Photography

 Well organized, pre-show marketing efforts attract large crowds! 

Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists

 The Houston Pet Expo is a wonderful event that brings passionate pet enthusiasts together, creating opportunities for the members of the pet community to connect and strive for common goals. 

Best Friend Box

 Choosing to exhibit was a great choice. It was almost a seamless process and a great way to tell people about my business. 

People and Pets Airlines Fundaising

 It was a ton of fun and having so many other animal related organizations was very easy to get contacts and advertise ourselves. 

University of Houston Pre-Veterinary Student Association

 The Expo was great! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting other vendors and all the spectators. 

Busy Body Pets

 This was a great event with a wonderful group of people. 

Devoted Pets Cremations & Memorials

 Staff was great, venue was great, and there was a great crowd. Our group received a lot of exposure. Overall, great experience. 

Bunny Buddies

 Very friendly & helpful staff, very good crowd size, and layout! 

Canine Country Club

 The Houston Pet Expo was fun and exciting way to introduce my new dog apparel business to the public and not just online. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the expo was run very professionally. I will be back next year! 

Doggie Digs Boutique

 Great event! Very well organized and the people at the Amazing Pet Expo’s are great to work with. 

Ultimate Images Plus – Photography

 It was a great opportunity to expose my business to my target audience. All of the pre related exhibitors helped bring in traffic and generate interest. The event, being one day, was a great way to introduce myself and my business as an exhibitor. The crowd was good and not too overwhelming for a first timer like me. 

PetArt by LCW

 Good overall experience; very good adoption response! We were able to reach a lot of other people for adoptions other wise. Our adoptions for the day were excellent! 

Brazoria County Humane Society

 Dog Gone Fun Agility had a great day of fun with our agility demo. We would love to be included next year! Our family even went home with a new dog! This was a great show, easy access for the set up. There were people watching the agility course and having fun with their pets. 

Dog Gone Fun Agility

 Good crowd and traffic flow! 

Treat em Right Rescue

 It was a great experience! 

Lone Star Pet Lodges

 Got a lot of good exposure and also had fun with all the animals. 

Harp Rescue

 We had a great time and felt like we had the same great exposure. 

Southern Breeze Equestrian Center

 There were several adoptions and fosters made money! 

Adopt–A-Rescue Friend

 It was a great show! 



We had a great time. My cornsnake Pire was a big hit! It was an honor to meet Mr. Shorty and Hercules. I can’t wait till next year!

Jasmine Carriker

We had such a wonderful time! Can’t wait until next year!

Audra Ferranti

Had a great time! Lot’s of amazing dogs! Shorty and Hercules were cool too!!

Pamela Rogers

had a good time!

H-l Rankin

We had a blast! My bully was excited to see and try out all the new products. Can’t wait til next year, thanks for all your hardworking and dedication to making this event a success 

JoAnn Mendoza

Thank You! It was a great day out for us.

Deborah Perkins Gustafson

I really enjoyed myself. See you next year.

Rebecca Akeroyd Deal

I wish y’all could do it more that once a year!

Norma Guerra

Yes! Enjoyed it! I loved the dock dogs and shorty

Donita Dalton

We had a great time and loved everything!!

Michelle Garcia

The entire event was awesome, but if I had to choose a fav it would be the air dogs

Jennifer Brazell

I enjoyed it very much and for one was glad to see so many organizations there to help with rescure efforts.

Kelli Julian Geis Fenley

I loved everything especially all the rescue groups and meeting Shorty, Cristian and Hercules. I got to speak to Cristian for a few minutes and he is really nice and polite.

Geri Lemoine Kelly

We loved everything! My 5 year old daughter had the best time! And all of the vendors were very friendly!

Wendy Chang Norris

We loved Shorty & Hercules, those air dogs were a hit with us & the kids as they got splashed lol & just overall seeing all the animals being so good together.. we had a great time!!

Carrie Quinn

My cat cheeto and I had a blast even though he stayed in his stroller and just chilled while I pushed him around he enjoyed him self I could tell didn’t even make it to the car without him passing out. had a wonderful time and im looking forward for next year!

Kaitlin Eagle

My sons got to dance with a bird! They had so much fun!

Diane Elaine Mahle

I have SO many favorites, for my dog, my husband and me but for me, the BEST favorite part was buying one of those bungee cord dog leashes that were being sold at one of the booths. I had never seen or known of them before and I like how they were made. I haven’t been able to walk my dog since before he was 1 year old because he is so strong and big and he will drag me. Now he is 2 and it’s been over a year since I last was able to walk him, my husband is always having to hold the leash. Not long before we left I reluctantly bought a leash very skeptical if it would do any good. I put it on him and took Levi from my husband and for the remainder of the expo and after when people kept asking to take pictures of him and out to the parking lot I was able to walk my dog again!!! He couldn’t pull me any more and stayed right next to me and I cried I was so happy.

Tricia Villarreal-Peña

My poodle was very happy there and he got his shots there,, we have a lot of fun!!!!

Psoriasis Jabones Naturales

A fun & fur-filled day was had by all, as evidenced by some of these photos snapped at the Houston Pet Expo! ENJOY… and hope tos see you next year!

America’s Smoochiest Pooch

Jailhouse Rock was exhausted on the ride home from the show. He & Matilda had a great time!

Debi Bryant Jones

Tank had such a nice time yesterday. We’re coming next year for sure 🙂

Alicia Zavala

She was pooped after today’s fun at the Houston Pet Expo! Couldn’t even decide if she wanted to stand or she wanted to lay!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

Kandy Reyes

We had an awesome time, as always! It was so great meeting Shorty and Hercules!

Jessica Horowitz

Had a great time today my girl was sure worn out on the way home…cant wait till next yr!!!!

Michelle Garcia

Had a great time today!

Kathy Calton-Long

Had so much FUN! Thank y’all!

Always There Pet Care

Had a great time at the expo!

Amanda Barrientos