Virginia Beach Testimonials

quotel My family enjoyed the pet expo immensely. Great promo opportunity. quoter
ACME Animal – Bee Control

quotel We made some good contacts with possible volunteers for our expertise. quoter
Bear Path Acres

quotel It was great exposure for us. quoter
D.O.G.S. Daycare and Spa

quotel We absolutely loved our first expo! We loved it so much we’re going to do it again next year! quoter
Dosena Pet Prints by Odango Design Studio

quotel We loved the Pet Expo! This was our first show and worth every minute! We had both dogs get adoption applications and raised a great amount of funds for our dogs. Thank you! quoter
Giant Hearts Giant Dog Rescue

quotel Thank you for letting GiveTreatLove be a vendor at your event. The experience from start to finish was awesome and we will be back next year! quoter

quotel Great experience, better turn out then what we thought! For sure will be back next year. quoter
Muddy Paws

quotel This event was a great opportunity for our adoptable animals to meet their forever homes. quoter
Norfolk SPCA

quotel This was my first expo and the first time I’ve ever paid this much money for a booth! Hopefully I will see an uptick in online sales from this event that will help me break even. quoter
OBX Puparazzi

quotel Amazing Expos welcomed us with open arms and hearts. We hope to be invited back next year and for future shows. quoter
Tidewater Scoopers

quotel The crowd was great and there were a lot of fun activities going on all day. quoter
T and E Collar Shop

quotel Things went very well, thank you! quoter
Giant Hearts Dog Rescue

quotel  As a pet lover and artist, this was a great experience. I support this expo and hope to be back bigger and better next year! quoter
Off Hand Gallery

quotel Nicely done. quoter
Dogs on Deployment

quotel We had a great time. Everyone was so nice and helpful. quoter
The Adventerous Hound, LLC

quotel The event was very good for us. We connected with a lot of potential adopters. quoter
Rakki Inu Akita Rescue

quotel The event was family friendly. Great vendors, great staff and a great time. I will definitely be back next year with my 4 legged friend. quoter
It Works! Global

quotel Great experience! quoter
Animal Allergy & Dermatology

quotel High quality attendees; good selection of vendors and show events. quoter
Fido’s Fancy by Pursonal Hangups

quotel A lot of traffic and great atmosphere. quoter
Mr. Rogers Windows

quotel  Amazing turnout and incredible organizations! quoter
United Turf, LLC

quotel  We had a great time. quoter
Care-A-Lot Pet Supply

quotel Second time exhibiting. Super easy process before/after the show. Customer service rocks! quoter
Dr. Becker’s Bites

quotel Tons of traffic all day. We met lots of new future customers. quoter
All Pet Disc

quotel Very good crowd. quoter
Canines for Disabled Kids

quotel We would love to be back next show and beyond! quoter
Tidewater Scoopers

quotel I really enjoyed the atmosphere and meeting all of the dogs. quoter
For Tails Only

quotel Very nice staff, great location, love the easy to unload and set up options. It was great to network with other rescues. quoter
Happy Endings Animal Rescue Team

quotelPet Expo is organized and free to the public. They have a variety of activities for everyone. A great venue to meet pet owners and other vendors. quoter
Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

quotelThe Virginia Beach Pet Expo is a great opportunity for pet guardians to learn, socialize and have fun. quoter
Odango Design Studio & Pet Photography

quotelThe show allows pets and owners to have an enjoyable day while receiving good information, products, and services. AS a vendor and pet lover, its a fun time. I thank all involved and hope you keep up the good work!quoter
Off Hand Gallery

quotelI enjoyed my time at the show. I was able to get a lot of exposure for my business which was my initial expectation.quoter
Origami Owl

quotelGreat opportunity to get our name out.quoter
Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital

quotelThe staff is great.quoter
Old Dominion Greyhound Adoption

quotelLoved it!!!quoter
Tidewater Scoopers

Vacation Village Resorts

quotelIt was fun. We gave away lots of free dog food samples and made lots of new friends.quoter
Muddy Paws

quotelFriendly helpful staff. Great turn out this year! We will definitely be back next year!quoter
Helping Hands Affordable Vet Surgery and Dental Care

Katie’s Bistro Dog and Horse Treats

quotelThe show this year was much busier than last quoter
Ya Yas Yum Yums

quotelGreat Venue with premium traffic flow. We created awareness, made money, and adopted one of our dogs. Mission Accomplished!quoter
Dogs Deserve Better

quotelThe staff was amazing- made us feel like family. The exposure for our foundation was amazing here.quoter
The Mia Foundation

quotelIt was a step out of our norm. We usually go to kids events, but wanted to try this out.quoter
Sylvan Learning

quotelGreat Staff and Event.quoter
The Adventurous Hound

quotelHaving the exhibitor lounge on the floor was great. Love the Mega Adoption Center.quoter
Fur-Ever Home Rescue

quotelGood location, plenty of people so your advertising must have been good. Great idea- giving us a trash box in each booth.quoter
Stormy Hill

quotelPleased with constant flow of attendees.quoter

quotelGreat crowd. Gave many samples out, we are hoping that will translate into online orders.quoter
Otis Farms

quotelGood crowd – good organization from the Pet Expo.quoter
Chesapeake Humane Society

quotelVery pleased with the incredible attendance.quoter

quotelIt was beneficial and offered opportunities for exposure to our charity.quoter
Spikes K9 Fund

quotelThe staff does a good job at keeping the venue organized, cleaned, and have appropriate facilities.quoter
Nutri Source

quotelThe staff and Pet Expo team (VB) have made this exhibitor experience once again – a very fulfilling boost to my business. I’ve always enjoyed the activities and interaction with pets and pet parents.quoter
Odango Design Studio and Pet Photography

quotelThe Pet Expo is by far one of the best events for sponsors, exhibitors, and pet friendly people!quoter
Banfield Pet Hospital

quotel2300 Plato Samples. Hundreds of new Plato customers. Thank you!quoter
Plato Pet Treats

quotelGood experience, helped us to gain more awareness and exposure.quoter
Crecenti Moon Pet Sitting

quotelI think it was a great event and I know you’ll just keep growing. Look forward to seeing you all again and doing the event in the future. Thank you for having us.quoter

quotelWe had a great time and this was our first experience at a pet expo and we loved every minute of it we love interacting with the people and the children who either knew nothing about rats or were previous owners of rats and were excited to share their stories. We were happy just to get the word out there that rats make excellent pets and give people more education on them as pets!quoter
-The Squeaky Wheel Rescue

quotelWe had a great time. The Expo was very well done and we loved meeting all the people that stopped by our booth to meet our really great Rottweilers. We got lots of great questions on this wonderful breed. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi to us!quoter
– Southern States Rescued Rottweilers

ATTENDEE Testimonials

“Loved it, go every year ”

“Yes! It was awesome as usual”

“I could have been there all day!! Bi yearly would be great ”

“We had a great time./ I enjoyed all the freebies and talking to different dog lovers. And we got to play with snakes.”

“Loved seeing all the cute dogs”

“It was our first time, we and our little Bandicoot LOVED it. He’s knocked out in his new bomber jacket we bought there.”

“Loved everything!!!”

“Love that there was a variety of animals. I am not personally a rat person, but it was interesting to learn that they laugh.”

“This was our first time going and I really enjoyed all the handmade treats, the NFL package we bought with the collar, leash, keychain, bandana and coat (all of the products from that vendor were awesome!) and the burnt wood decorations!!”

“This was our second year with a greyhound booth and our spot was perfect considering the size of our dogs. Thank you for your assistance in placing us. It was an amazing time of socialization for our pups. Bonus for me was to take time to walk around to some of the other booths and talk with people I met last year.”

“Super exicted to see the rescue ratties! They made my day and we may be adopting a couple… or 3!
Brenda Galindez I loved that I was able to get him vaccinated, nails clipped and socialize him. He got to be around other dogs big and small. He’s a 6mo. ChiRat. Also got some wonderful information on Rescue groups!”

“I enjoyed seeing all the cute rescues currently trying to get poker the Great Dane from one of the rescues  ut I liked seeing all the dogs the best! Wahoo can’t wait till next year”

“We did get to go and it was awesome. THANK YOU for all the hard work that went into planning! Can’t wait to go again next year”

“I liked that it was a free event!”

“I had a great time as I always do there.”

“It was our first year and we loved it Plan to go from now on. Very friendly people love seeing all the pets”

“My first one and it was great!!!! cant wait till next year!!”

“All the local vendors that I didn’t even know were here! And the rescue organizations!”

“My dog loved the agility display.”

Just seeing a variety of adorable dogs!”

“Seeing so many dog lovers, rescue organizations, and the selection of other vendors”

“I cried. My husband had to talk for me and talk about my Rescue because I was at a loss for words.”

“Talking to all the other pet owners and greeting their pets.”

“Love the rescues! I was hoping for more in the line of obedience training”

“Thought the agility course was nice and lots of merchandise”

“This year’s was the best one there was much more room then last years. We had a great time.”

“Everyone was nice, the dogs were well behaved, the venue was spacious and the vendors were courteous. Better than what I expected.”

“Off Hand Gallery made some sales and connected with the public. Thanks all for an awesome day.”

“Riley loved all the great booths. My husband and I loved visitingFido’s Fancy. Thanks for a great Saturday afternoon.”

“‘Such a great day! Thank you!”

“GEGR loved the exposure. We already have an application for one of our fosters that was there. Great event.

“It was loads of fun. I met loads of wonderful animal people and got to see friends I have not seen in a while. Thank you for a great time.

“We had a wonderful time taking care of the all the babies and making sure they had a clean area. We thank you for inviting us

“Wonderful expo! lots to do and entertain you-go!